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      Maybe you’re familiar with custom rubber parts. It’s possible you’ve used molded rubber components for projects in the past. It could be likely you’ve even consulted directly with a custom rubber parts manufacturer for an application. But do you really know rubber? Here are the basics of everything you need to know when it comes to rubber.  

      First off, rubber is an elastomer and a polymer. An elastomer is a synthetic or natural macromolecular material capable of recovering substantially in shape and size after removal of deforming force when at room temperature. The international standards organization ASTM differentiates between rubber and elastomers based on how long a deformed material sample needs to return to its approximate original size after a deforming force is removed, and the extent to which it recovers.

      In addition, rubber is a material capable of recovering from large deformations quickly and forcibly; in it’s modified state, it retracts within one minute to less than 1.5 times its original length after being stretched at room temperature to two times its original length and held for one minute before release.

      Remember, all rubber are elastomers, but not all elastomers are rubber. When it comes to choosing elastomers, these are some important factors you should consider before you start:


      • Physical requirements of custom rubber parts, such as hardness, tear strength, elongation, abrasion resistance
      • Chemical and fluid resistance
      • Temperature range during use of part
      • Low/high range, or extremely high or extremely low-temperature exposure
      • Resistance to ozone or oxidation
      • Medical or food contact requirements
      • Electrical properties
      • Heat conducting or insulating properties

      For your next projects requiring custom parts, get in touch. Whether it’s prototyping, engineering assistance, custom compounding, sub-assembly, special packaging or tooling construction, our capabilities and experience are what truly set us apart.