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      The highest precision, tolerance and lowest flash in the industry.

      Our proprietary transfer rubber molding process monitors all variables and compensates for differences during each cycle. After the elastomer is cured properly, the mold cavity is opened, the part is removed, the sprue is removed, the transfer pot and mold cavity are cleaned and the cycle is repeated. Our unique transfer rubber molding process allows for repeatability throughout the molding process of tight tolerance parts that are virtually flash free.

      Transfer Molding

      We custom mold components to your specifications using buna rubber, butyl rubber, fluorosilicone, natural rubber, synthetic rubbers, silicones, plastics, TPE and high temp plastics.
      compression molding


      Our process produces consistent, tight tolerance parts that are virtually flash free.
      two shot molding

      Rubber &

      Transfer molding helps absorb variations allowing the mold to stay consistent.
      rubber and plastic mold

      Efficiency &

      With the ability for one pre-form to fill hundreds of cavities, transfer molding saves a significant amount of time.

      The reason we are trusted
      from household brands to
      government agencies.

      “Since becoming the Senior Buyer in 2005, I have worked closely with Da/Pro Rubber’s Sales and Customer Service Staff. I find the sales proffessionals in the field to be knowledgeable, responsive and extremely helpful. What is particularly impressive is that when I request quotes, information, or technical assistance, Daryl Wall makes me feel that my request is a priority and I am always confident he will deliver in a timely manner.”


      Senior Buyer

      Custom compounding

      With decades of experience, our staff chemists can develop custom organic or silicone compounds to satisfy your specific requirements. Each batch is tested and approved before being sent to production. Standard tests for each batch include rheological and physical profiles. These are checked against limits set for approval or rejection of each compound. Customer required tests or tests critical to the function of the molded product, are continually monitored in our laboratory. To assure consistent properties of mixed materials, our staff chemists analyze statistically organized data collected by our software programs.

      Class 10,000 clean room

      With Hepa filtration, room pressure monitoring, airflow monitoring and constant temperature and humidity controls, our 5,000 square foot, low particulate Class 10,000 clean room for custom rubber molding meets industry demand for quality molded elastomers.

      All clean room processes involved in manufacturing your custom components are performed in our Clean room, including: custom compounding for material, molding, washing, quality inspection, customer specified processing, sub-assembly and special packaging.


      Whether it’s tool prototype design, functionality testing, or providing fused deposition models, machined prototypes or single cavity prototype molds, we ensure your prototype components don’t just resemble the look and feel of custom rubber or plastic parts. Our prototype tools are capable of being worked into production tools after the finalization of the design.

      Discover the possibilities.

      We develop custom organic or silicone compounds to satisfy your specific requirements.


      Launch material finder.