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      Does your application involve EMI shielding gaskets or seals? It’s possible you have a keypad application and you require custom rubber parts. If you’re in the market for custom rubber parts and you need conductive rubber components to meet specific requirements, you’re in luck.  Da/Pro Rubber manufactures a variety of conductive components, including gaskets using electrically conductive rubber. Whether you require custom rubber parts for a touchpad application or EMI shielding gaskets, our rubber molding services run the gamut.


      Shrinking Devices Demand Conductive Rubber

      It’s no secret that today’s devices are becoming more miniaturized and complex. As operating frequencies increase, devices become more susceptible to what’s known as electromagnetic interference (EMI). Thanks to EMI shielding gaskets implemented in the design phase, we can isolate one component from another. And with our proprietary process, rubber material can be custom compounded. That allows us to manufacture precision EMI shielding gaskets that serve as reliable and robust electrical seals to handle tough compression and shear pressures.

      We make available standard conductive silicone grades for molding gaskets with our compression molding capabilities. Furthermore, Da/Pro Rubber can custom compound conductive rubber to meet your specific conductive elastomer gasket applications. To shed a little more light on conductive rubber, let’s take a closer look at the fascinating technology.  


      How Your Custom Rubber Can Become Conductive

      Rubber is made conductive by the incorporation of special grades of conductive carbon black or various conductive fillers such as metal spheres, metal (such as gold, silver or copper) or coated spheres (such as copper or silver coated glass or metal spheres). The level of electrical conductivity depends on the conductivity of the filler.

      Silver-filled elastomer is one of the most conductive, with values similar to copper wire. In addition, it is one of the most expensive conductive elastomers aside from platinum or gold-filled conductive elastomer. The level of electrical conductivity varies from static bleed to highly conductive (i.e. similar to wire).

      Many types of elastomers can be made electrically conductive. For example, Da/Pro Rubber offers neoprene, nitrile, EPDM and Silicone elastomers with varying amounts of electrical conductivity, for use in conductive gaskets, touchpads or other applications. Whether you’re at the beginning or end of your project, Da/Pro Rubber can mold gaskets, touch pads or any other custom conductive component to your specification and meet your deadline.