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      When it comes to rubber molding, we offer multiple molding methods to produce parts. Whether it’s custom medical seals, gaskets or o-rings, our rubber molding capabilities allow all of these custom rubber parts to be produced with precise tolerances and sealing surfaces so components do not require secondary de-flashing operations. Our techniques in executing on these capabilities vary. Here are three techniques we use at our facilities:  


      1.  Compression molding

      When it comes to compression molding, a preform is placed in a two or more piece mold that has an upper half and a lower half. The two halves come together and compress the material into shape. In addition, compression molding provides a cost-effective solution because of its straightforward process. What’s more, compression molding produces little waste which means there is minimal loss of material.


      1.  Transfer molding

      What happens in the transfer molding process? To put it simply, a preform is placed in a pot and piston which then closes and squeezes the material into a closed mold. One of the great advantages of transfer molding involves flexibility when it comes to design. Whether it’s dramatic edges, peaks or ridges, our team can not only identify your needs but meet them as well.


      1. Injection molding

      With injection molding, material is either pumped directly into the closed mold or transfered by means of a screw into the mold. Just like compression molding, one of the great benefits of injection molding is its ability to produce tiny intricate parts requiring close tolerances. In addition, high production rates and decreased production cycles mean a lower cost per unit.

      To be sure, each technique offers its advantages and disadvantages. Get in touch, and we will identify your needs and recommend the best solution to your molding needs.